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【Exhibition】Inheritance of NCKU: The Foundation of Engineering Education


Exhibition Date: Nov. 11, 2020- Sep. 30, 2021
Exhibition Location: Exhibition Room 2E3, NCKU Museum

Have you ever wondered what the origin of the school gate is? When did the partnership and friendship between NCKU and US Purdue University begin? This exhibition features some significant changes of NCKU from 1946 to 1971, showcasing how the College during the Japanese Colonial period became a national university after the war.

Whether you are alumni who graduated years ago, a new graduate just landing your first jobs, or a freshman who just arrived, you are welcome to the exhibition to ring the mysterious school bell and take pictures with the school gate from the period of PCKU.

The audience can take a glance at the campus life in the early days, discover the story of NCKU, and create his/her memory!

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