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【Exhibition】Roads to Elites—Research Chapter: Nobel Prize‧Academic environment


Exhibition Date: Sep. 22, 2020- Feb. 21, 2021

Exhibition Location: Exhibition Room 1E3, NCKU Museum

Extraordinary discoveries are usually made in everyday life.

Try to connect the dots~ What are the common things in our daily lives and that you can probably find during a science class?

Many important discoveries and inventions are made by accident through observations and experiments in our daily lives!

The key elements are later identified, researched, developed, and produced to make significant contributions to society.

This exhibition is an international exchange exhibition held jointly with Nagoya University Museum.

The exhibition attempts to indicate that academic theories are intertwined with everyday life and features Nagoya University's educational environment. Through this exhibition, the audience will learn more about the Nobel Prize and its influence.

And through topics like NCKU's student-centered Nobel Forum, popular science promotion, teaching, and research, the Museum as a knowledge communication platform will provide food for thoughts on the invisible but influential academic environment.

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