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【Exhibition】Achievement in Eastern City Wall—NCKU × Impression × Tainan


Exhibition Date: Nov. 06, 2020- February. 28, 2021
Exhibition Location: Exhibition Room 1E4, NCKU Museum

At first glance, it might seem that the National Cheng Kung University, which started as an engineering college, is completed insulated from humanities and cultures. 
However, after combing through the documents, it is not hard to find that the university's growth is closely integrated with the development of this ancient city.

So how many academic resources has this city provided? How do the teachers and students in NCKU respond to it? 
We look forward to sharing the answers with you through this exhibition, which might also allow us to reflect on what can be improved.
Whether this is your first time at the Museum or you have been through our doors before, you are welcome to visit the exhibition!

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