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【Exhibition】The Exiled Teachers and Students from Shangdong and the 713 Incident Exhibition(70th Anniversary)


Exhibition Date: Nov. 26 to – Mar. 8, 2019

Exhibition Location: Exhibition Room 2E3, NCKU Museum

In the summer of 1949, a group of students from various parts of China's Shandong Province, China were in exile. They escaped from the north towards the south, and successfully got aboard in Guangzhou thanks to the mediation between the Shandong governor and high-ranking officials from the Education Ministry of Education, Taiwan, and Penghu. These students arrived at Penghu, an outlying island, and were accepted by the Penghu Defense Command under the half-training and half-studying mechanism. However, on July 13, the military forcibly conscripted the students, which led to incidents where students were stabbed by soldiers' bayonets. This is known as the Penghu 713 Incident.

After the incident, some people attempted to defend their right to education, which led to false accusations that they were communist spies. School principals Min-Chih Chang and Tsou Chien and five students were executed; many more were arrested. This event is referred to as "the Incident of the Exiled Teachers and Students from Shangdong." Due to the large number of people affected, this event is seen as one of the most important injustice incidents during the White Terror period.

The story of this incident was kept under wraps for several decades until the 1980s, when victims started to come forward.

It wasn't until 1999 that society started to grant justice to these victims. Although the students in exile are already in their twilight years, their stories and pursuit of justice are worth remembering. Let's come together to review this period of history.


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