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【Exhibition】Laying Toward Success: Taiwanese Railway and NCKU


Opening Ceremony Time: 10:00 AM, Dec. 30, 2020

Opening Ceremony Location: 2 F., Multi-functional Meeting Room, NCKU Museum

Exhibition Date: Nov. 30, 2019 –Sep. 30, 2020

Exhibition Location: Exhibition Room 1E5, NCKU Museum

Do you know that NCKU has a long history with Taiwan's railway?

Do you know which temple earned a plaque saying “Fu Shu Ci Hang” (Prosperous Transportation, Benevolent Faring)  from the Director-General of the Bureau of Transportation,

Taiwan Governor-General Office, because the temple had many worshipers who took trains to participate in its pilgrimage event, which in turn benefited the sugar company and railway division?

Do you know where the third-generation steam locomotive is? That locomotive was an important vehicle used for the construction of the North-south Railway during the Japanese colonial period.

Let's get on the express train Success and learn about NCKU's special role in the history of Taiwan's railway development!


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