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【Exhibition】 load – Special Exhibition of Yun-suan Sun’s Internship Information in America

Exhibition period: from June 14, 2019 to September 29, 2019
Venue: 1S2
In 1942, Yun-Suan Sun was an outstanding member chosen by the Resource Committee and dispatch to America learning some information about technology.
During to World War II, it’s very difficult to visualize from Chongqing to America need to take two and a half months traveling fifteen countries. Sometimes, it has to wait for forty days to get on the plane. And he was infected with the malaria one time on the way. After arrived in America, he went to Tennessee Valley Authority(TVA), Westinghouse Electric, and General Electric Company for his internship. The internship presentation that he sent back of each month will become the significant property of Taiwan electricity demobilization and national economic construction in the future. He was dispatch back to Taiwan at the end of the internship, repairing the Taiwan electricity with the students of Tainan Technical College. In 1995, he was awarded an honorary doctorate by National Cheng Kung University, and he has a deep relationship with National Cheng Kung University.
“Load” - this word, taking from vocabulary about electricity. On the other hand, Mr. Sun was loaded the country’s expectation to America; it was also loaded the brand-new technology back to Taiwan. The exhibition contents the diary , internship report, correspondence, allowance check, and more than 70 years old postcards, etc. This will reproduce and commemorate the hard but fulfilling past.
This exhibition has displayed at Yun-suan Sun’s old house – ‘’Sun Yun-suan Memorial Museum” for a half year in 2017, had well-reputed; in 2018, in order to follow the Sun Yun-suan’s lecture activities in Tsinghua University, it moved to Institute of technology management in Tsinghua University to display; in 2019, it went to National Cheng Kung University museum for roving exhibition.
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