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【Lecture】Museum Standaros And Evaluations

Lecture period: May 27, 2019 13:00

Venue: 2W2 Conference Room

Speechmaker: Dr.Ondrej Dostal

Museum work can often appear as work that is not evaluated. The opposite is true. Museums are bound by a large number of documents that help normalize work in all aspects, from care to collections, employee behavior, access to visitors and handling of finances.
The basic musical standard is the ICOM Code of Ethics. It has been translated into most languages ​​and is the basis for the work of a all museum workers. Upgraded document is an ethical code for Natural History museums. Standards in many countries form the basis for
museum accreditation, which is often the most basic indicator of the quality of work, and the social responsibility of museum. The models of accreditation in the UK and the USA will be shown.
The second part of the lecture will focus on the specifics of the university museums. The relationship between the University and the University Museum will be discussed, with examples of different relations. Interactions between the university and its museum are often
complicated and differs from institution to institution.
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