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【Lecture】The Institutionalization and Management of Museums

Lecture period: March 25, 2019 13:00

Venue: 2W2 Conference Room

Speechmaker: Dr.Ondrej Dostal

The Museums are independent part of our cultures. They play stronger role, then they know. Institualisation of museum is typical example of interpersonal contract between heterogenous group of humans. Unwritten negotiations defines these characteristics for all institutions: stabile in time, interactions between members, follows cultural models and rules. Institution are essential for current governing and force. If we accept the information - museum is institution, we can determine these patterns: museum stores and documents the remains of former cultures, products of current culture and nature, organised in systems, the order of auxiliary tools, character is given by specific attitude to museum functions, are autonomous, exhibits in 2 levels (object-information level, formal-education level), education can be merge only with objects in collections. Otherwise the management provides series of requirements, rules and opportunities for our development. The older definitions of managing the rules are going to change. The Museum is very complex system. At the time of projects and grant offers, we must think more about the plans and strategies. Modern management of museums can smoothly move between hierarchical and matrix structure. The part of the lecture will be add for improving soft skill in museum leading.


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