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【演講】博物館學與理論框架 Museology and Theoretical Frame

講題:博物館學與理論框架 Museology and theoretical frame

時間:2019 年 3 月 11 日 (一) 13:00


講師:Ondrej Dostal(多思妥)教授

捷克馬薩里克大學 孟德爾博物館 (Mendel Museum) 館長



博物館物品的陳列,源自於人類自古以來藉由收藏物件,以證明曾經存在於這個世界上的事實。博物館的歷史相當悠久,第一個該領域的理論學家是16世紀的Samuel von Quiccheberg,他的理論影響了好幾世代,同時也被認為是博物館學之父。隨著時間推移,博物館的運作和必要性開始出現爭議,包含不適應現代的理論架構;尤其在國際博物館協會(ICOM)的創建過程更為明顯,至今仍是國際博物館學委員會的重要議題。

在 1980 年代,關於博物館的運作爭議相當激烈,前任捷克斯洛伐克議會代表——Z.Z. Stránský 積極發表博物館的基礎運作理論。雖然此理論並未反映在西方社會中,但他對於在亞洲、東歐、俄羅斯及南美洲有著極大的興趣。儘管如此, 博物館尚在經歷存在危機,並反映在新理論的發展中(如新博物館學、生態博物館等)。



2005年 開始擔任 Moravia 博物館策展人。

2007年 任職 Boskovice 地方博物館館長,與捷克國家博物館合作舉辦展覽。 2007年 成為馬薩里克大學(Masaryk University)孟德爾博物館(Mendel Museum) 館長,設立常設展 G.J ,Mendel:一位謙遜的偉人。

共計超過 15 個特展,多次參與國際大學博物館與典藏專業委員會 Icom-Umac,並發表論文。



Museum work is still a widely misunderstood human activity for the public. It has come from the human desire to collect and document our being exist on the planet Earth. The museums are considered to be very old institutions and the first theorist of the field comes from the 16th century. Samuel von Quiccheberg is considered to be the "father" of the field, and his thesis may have influenced perhaps all generations of museologists. As time went on, debates began on the function of museums and necessities, but also on the unnecessary use of the theoretical framework of museum work. This debate was intense with the founding of ICOM. This is still important topic, as activity ICOM ICOFOM has shown.

At the beginning of the 1980s, the debate was the most intensive. The representatives of former Czechoslovakia were very active. The fundamental work in the field of museology was published by Z.Z. Stránský. Western world did not fully reflect this theoretical framework, but he has found a great deal of interest in Asia, Eastern Europe and Russia, or in South America. However, the museums were going through an existential crisis. This was reflected in the development of new theories (new museology, ecomuseums, etc.).


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