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Director's messages

How can a university museum be defined? How large is the scale of a museum that can be developed? How much space can be provided for development from campus planning? Is the museum a research institute or an exhibition unit? How can a museum bring in off-campus resources? These questions often hovered on my mind.

According to the development plan of the Museum, we have stepped into the mid-term phase (January 2011- December 2020), and many projects are to be been launched or continued based on the past accomplishments. For example, regarding the on-campus development, we should coordinate with the curricula of both undergraduate and graduate programs, especially in general education, to raise the frequency of students’ use of the Museum. As for the off-campus development, we should cooperate with all education institutes in teaching projects and develop outdoor education programs in coordination with seed teachers of all schools. Our next goal is to build strategic alliances with domestic and foreign museums in exchanging collections and touring exhibitions to provide richer cultural resources to National Cheng Kung University and the community.

With the efforts of all staff in the past years, the Museum has enhanced the humanistic ambience on campus and increased students’ knowledge of artifacts and university history. The Museum has been drawing visitors from local and abroad and becoming a popular off-campus teaching spot for Tainan’s schools in all levels. Moreover, it has truly strengthened its basic functions and extended the University’s social influence through research projects, interaction with other museums, network of museum groups in the Greater Tainan Area, training programs for museum professionals and volunteers, and related promotional activities.

We expect, through the efforts of all staff and volunteers, to optimize the Museum’s cultural influence with the limited space and resources. In addition to carrying the mission in collecting, research, publishing and exhibition, we will strive forward to the mid-term objective of becoming an internationally recognizable university museum with active collaboration with domestic and foreign museums, as well as educating students to be enthusiastic volunteers and global citizens with professional knowledge and cultivation.
NCKU Museum Director